And if the cosmetics have turned up
A scentless void? The pitchblende
"May double potency!" or
Produce the need for a flashy new system of weathervanes along the sea.
"You may get what you came for, if not expected,"
Is not exactly a truism, but whoever coined it in time made plenty of monkey.
I want to go where the river swells up,
Where there's pizza sold for two dollars a slice!
Would Wee Willy Winkle get his groove on one more time,
Sitting with a kazoo going through "Gopher Time"
With three other idiots from his time? Curly on bass,
Moe on hammers, Curly on shoeshine, Moe on the telephone,
Larry on the lawn. "This was a disorganized bunch,
Let me tell you," their booking agent told this beat man.
"Amplify the elephants!" "This game is finger licking!"
She asked for a porter, he asked for a scout.
The reservation was lost, but later turned up.
There were no sliced platters, no asbestos pimentos,
No steely-eyed strangers, no bullets, no dust.
Closing captions: do not hobnob, nor wobble, nor stumble ...
Gosh, I don't care for language, you lousy Teleprompter, you!
Be kind to all folk to-night. Click. That got old soon enough.
Little dossiers filled with cheese.
A Chinese masterpiece sprouts up.
One thing left out of previous recipes
Was economy and pork sausage, chicory and Liszt.